Savanna's Kinetic Typography

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Savanna's Kinetic Typography

This is my Butterfly Animation.

This is my Kinetic Typography.

To make a kinetic typography in Powerpoint you choose what you'd like to make it about then go to Powerpoint and type in a text box then after your done typing it you can highlight the words in whichever way you'd like to part them in (preferably sentences). Then you click Ctrl and X on the keyboard and then the words you highlighted will disappear you then click Ctrl and V and they will show up in a separate text box after you've done that with all the words you can move to the next step. Arrange them in the way you'd like them to be. Then choose different fonts and colors (not to much). Then once you've done that and they're the way you like them your ready for animations.
To get animations you click the tab at the top of the screen that says ANIMATIONS and from the you click the sentence of word you would like to animate then click the icon that says ADD ANIMATION then you can choose whichever animation you'd like. You do this for all the sentences or words you have. After your done you can add different affects in TRANSITIONS or even sounds and then your done, :)
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