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    How to make a Kinetic Typography? It can be pretty hard but its worth it in the end! First you need the elements of typography, which are...
- Choice of font
-Text size
-Text contrast
-Character & line spacing
- Text colour
You now have to set it up, the way you want it to look like. You can put your "words" in one slide or in separate slides.
You have to think before you animate it. 
If your sentence says something about going to the left, you can animate it to move to the left. Yes, it'll be very confusing at first, but it'll become much easier. 
      To animate, you need to click on animations that is on the top of the page. You click a "word" you want to animate, then theres a bunch of choices you can choose! You can also change the timing if its too slow or too fast. 
    When you're done, you can watch it or post it on youtube!
By:  Raezel Cruz


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