Fiona's Kinetic Typography

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Butterfly Animation:

Kinetic Typography Video(s)

1.) The Nailbiter

2.) Rain (BONUS VID)

Making kinetic typography may seem very difficult to do, but it is actually pretty simple and basic to create. The first thing that you need to do is make the actual typography. Apply the five types of contrast in your typography such as: colour, text choice, text size, character & line spacing, and text contrast. Incorporating these qualities will make your typography a lot more interesting to the viewer. Make sure you finish all of your typography before moving on to the next step--which is animating! I recommend applying colour to your text before you begin with animation so that you won't have any difficulty. When you have all that finished, it's time for animation! Apply your desired animations to your typography slides and try to make it all pretty and such. Don't forget to apply entrance and exit effects to your slides. Motion path and emphasis effects will add a little 'umf' to your typography, so I recommend adding those as well. I also recommend watching some kinetic typography videos on Youtube to give you inspiration for your future animations! 

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