Joanna's Kinetic Typography Assignment

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Poem Movie 

Butterfly Movie 

To make a kinetic typography you must have something like sentences, poems or quotes so that you have something to create .You are doing this because you are trying to make something that is boring to read to something that is fancy with color that will make people not want look away. The first thing you want to do is split your poem or quote into sections to help you organize things when you are adding animations or because you might not have enough space for the entire poem or quote on one side. After you set your page up the way you want it, Now you should change the font because having the font Ariel over and over gets very boring! So change the font to something crazy. Sometimes quotes or poems have the word like Skinny or Bold in it or meaning the same thing. That is the best time to use a new fonts because if it said something about 'the girl was very slim. I would make the word slim look slim. By using a font that makes the word look slim. Next the font size, again the its easy to make the slide look nice or pop out by reading the poem or quote and using key words that can stand out. like the word big i would make the font size be big. it shows the audience that the word big it important so that they should really pay attention to it and very last thing the animations. This is where you get to make your slide come alive by moving around the page ! 

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