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This is my Awesome Bookmark.

Here is my Presentation

How do you add text to an image? Where should you put it?

To add text on an image, all you need to do is is copy the text you are planning/want to use by highlighting the text and pressing control c. once you have copied the text, just paste it on the picture by pressing control x. You can now do whatever you want to your text.
Although, i would advise to put the text somewhere where the picture won't get blocked, but your text still noticeable.

How do you find images that you can use? What are the steps in Google?

You can find images in google by simply clicking on google images and searching whatever you need to. Here are some of the steps.

  • Go to google images
  • Tap on the setting icon (the one that looks like a gear.)
  • Look for "Advanced Search", and press it.
  • When it sends you to a different page, scroll all the way down and look for the sentence that says "not filtered by licence", press it and pick "free to use or share." Also, don't forget to press the button that says "advanced Search" afterwards.
  • Once you have done the following, all the pictures that are on the page are free to use or share.
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