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This is my awesome bookmark

Here is my presentation

How do you add text to an image? Where should you put it?
   You add text to an image by either placing a text box on the inserted image or by copying (control c) a quote from a specific website and pasting (control v) it on the inserted image.
   You should put the text in spaces where the text is easy to read. For example, if part of your background or image has words on it and part of it has an empty space with no words, it would make sense to add the text in the space where there are no words, where it is not crazy. You should also add colors that compliment and go with the background.

How do you find images that you can use? What are the steps in Google?
   In Google, you can find and use free images by doing a couple of steps. First you search up the kind of image you are looking for. Once you have clicked 'images' just below the search box, you will see this wheel on the top right hand corner. Click on the wheel and go to 'advanced search'. At the bottom, you will see this box that says 'not filtered by license'; click on it and replace it with 'free to use or share'. After doing that, click the blue box that says 'advanced search'. Now you can choose an image, copy and paste it on Google Drive or whatever website, and share. Doing these steps will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to copyright and plagiarism issues.
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